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Catatonics, The - Hunted Down

$14.99 $19.98

New Vinyl Record - Catatonics, The - Hunted Down

The Catatonics were Syracuse and Central New York’s first hardcore punk band. Besides pioneering the original 1981/1982 Syracuse Hardcore scene, their classic Hunted Down ep is considered one of the first hardcore thrash/metal crossover releases, right up there with COC or DRI and remains a sought after (and pricey) collectors item 30+ years after it's release. Often compared to Jerry's Kids, SSD, Negative Approach and even Slayer, The Catatonics weren't followers or imitators, more like period contemporaries. Although the wait has been decades in the making, Southern Lord Records will soon be reissuing Hunted Down as a 12” vinyl release with bonus tracks!!

Side 1
1) Descending in E
2) Never Again
3) Bet I Can
4) Hunted Down
5) What You See And What You Say
6) Obstinate
7) Nobody But Me
8) All Revved Up
9) Leave Me Alone
10) Novelty Item

Side 2
11) I Can't Take You Anywhere
12) Don't Call Me Honey
13) Drink More Brew
14) Suburbia Bop
15) Terrorist Valentine
16) Stupid Lawn Ornaments
17) Why Do You Exist
18) Jeff Goes Off

SKU: RSD22144