Van Zandt, Townes - Our Mother The Mountain 50th

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New Vinyl Record - Van Zandt, Townes - Our Mother The Mountain 50th

Townes Van Zandt's music doesn't jump up and down, wear fancy clothes, or beat around the bush. Whether he was singing a quiet, introspective country-folk song or a driving, hungry blues, Van Zandt's lyrics and melodies were filled with the kind of haunting truth and beauty that you knew instinctively. His music came straight from his soul by way of a kind heart, an honest mind, and a keen ear for the gentle blend of words and melody. He could bring you down to a place so sad that you felt like you were scraping bottom, but just as quickly he could lift your spirits and make you smile at the sparkle of a summer morning or a loved one's eyes - or raise a chuckle with a quick and funny talking blues. The magic of his songs is that they never leave you alone. 180 gram remastered vinyl - Remastered by Chicago Mastering -

  • 1Be Here to Love Me
  • 2Kathleen
  • 3She Came and She Touched Me
  • 4Like a Summer Thursday
  • 5Our Mother the Mountain
  • 6Second Lover's Song
  • 7St. John the Gambler
  • 8Tecumseh Valley
  • 9Snake Mountain Blues
  • 10My Proud Mountains
  • 11Why She's Acting This Way