Drive By Truckers - Dirty South

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New Vinyl Record - Drive By Truckers - Dirty South

Limited 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing. Drive-By Truckers bring you home to Muscle Shoals, Alabama and The Dirty South on this 2004 masterwork which is home to the standouts "Tornadoes," "Danko/Manuel" and "Carl Perkins' Cadillac" and remains the band's best selling album. While previous Southern rock bands have celebrated certain regional mythologies, this quintet revels in the towering glory of small, gritty realities. Stylistically the Truckers weave a little bit of punk along with the old time country, pop, and R&B into their rock sound, but whichever muse they happen to follow, "they let the songwriting speak for itself," as Rolling Stone wrote, "and it sings loud and clear." As Patterson Hood says, "Inter-connected themes explored by three different writers in the band (with three very different points of view) has always been a hallmark of what sets our band apart."