Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire

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New Vinyl Record - Rage Against The Machine, Evil Empire

VINYL LP This long-awaited sophomore release from Rage Against The Machine does not disappoint. It's grinding, ferocious guitar twists Public Enemy-like riffs in and out of the rhythm section's metallic pummeling. But as usual, while Tom Morello's guitar sets the pace, Zach de la Rocha's lyrical attack steals the show.

It is, after all, the EVIL EMPIRE they're raging against. De la Rocha goes for the jugular with barbed lyircs, claiming in "Bulls On Parade" that "this microphone explodes, shattering the molds" in a world where "people ain't seen a brown-skinned man since their grandparents bought one." The group's rap-like rhythmic savvy and hard-rock edge bring them to a new plane. In "Snake Charmer," de la Rocha speaks of "greed" with a delirious excitement. Evidently, Rage Against The Machine will continue to rebel against the EVIL EMPIRE. Rage Against The Machine: Zack de la Rocha (vocals); Tom Morello (guitar); Tim Bob (bass); Brad Wilk (drums).

  • - Side 1 -
  • 1People Of The Sun 2:30
  • 2Bulls On Parade 3:50
  • 3Vietnow 4:43
  • 4Revolver 5:30
  • 5Snakecharmer 3:51
  • - Side 2 -
  • 1Tire Me 2:58
  • 2Down Rodeo 5:19
  • 3Without A Face 3:37
  • 4Wind Below 5:49
  • 5Roll Right 4:21
  • 6Year Of Tha Boomerang 4:00