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Uncle Acid & Deadbeats - Volume 1


New Vinyl Record - Uncle Acid Deadbeats, Volume 1

Limited 180gm purple colored vinyl LP pressing, includes digital download. Originally released in 2010, Vol 1 was the first efforts of unknown songwriter, Kevin Starrs. Pressed in small numbers for a non-existing fan base, the album took several months to shift all 30 CD-R copies and provided a small platform to fund it's follow up, Blood Lust (2011). Recorded on a tight budget of stashed dole money and with little knowledge or regard for conventional recording techniques, the chaotic results speak for themselves. Distorted vocals, out of tune harmonies, ragged musicianship and everything pushed to the red. The clatter of mic stands falling over mid performance, the rustling of lyric papers, the missed key changes and flubbed lines. Everything you would want to avoid is here. Self-funded, self-recorded and self-released to a fanfare of silence, Vol 1 was a true D.I.Y. effort from start to finish. No great ambition, no target audience, no press support. Just a collection of songs for anyone who would listen. With it's mix of budget horror lyrics, Everly Brothers obsessed harmonies, downer rock riffs, overly long guitar solos and bizarre high pitched vocals, Vol 1 had very limited appeal outside a small group of underground fanatics.

  • 1 Crystal Spiders
  • 2 Witches Garden
  • 3 Dead Eyes of London
  • 4 Lonely and Strange
  • 5 Vampire Circus
  • 6 Do What Your Love Tells You
  • 7 I Don't Know
  • 8 Wind Up Toys

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