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Video Liszt - Ektakr


New Vinyl Record - Video Liszt - Ektakr Killer

IMedical Records returns to France for the reissue of the very rare and sought-after Video Liszt LP. Ektakröm Killer was released in 1981 and had never had never been reissued or repressed. The artist behind Video Liszt was Xol, a French journalist and musician. Commanding a multitude of analog synthesizers, Moog modulars, an EMS vocoder, and an Apple Two computer, Xol crafted a very diverse album with styles ranging from sci-fi synth soundtracks, prog, space disco, and all the way to more accessible electropop. The album was produced by Richard Pinhas (Heldon, Moogi-Le-Moog) and recorded in Pinhas’s Studio Ramsès. Pinhas contributes guitar as well. Also of interest was that Jean-Louis Rizet (from French space rock group Pôle) engineered the record!


BFRSD16, Record Store Day, Black Friday, 2016

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