Ween - White Pepper

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New Vinyl Record -Ween, White Pepper

Originally released in 2000, White Pepper, is one of the Pennsylvania duo's finest recordings. Gene and Dean Ween are outsider pop geniuses in the greatest sense of the term, brilliant musicians with a firm grasp on just about every popular genre in the last 50 years (Brit-pop, prog, country, soul, new wave, and beyond) and a quirk streak a mile wide. Another Ween classic reissued on 180 gram vinyl from Plain Recordings.

  • 1Exactly Where I'm at
  • 2Flutes of Chi
  • 3Even If You Don't
  • 4Bananas and Blow
  • 5Stroker Ace
  • 6Ice Castles
  • 7Back to Basom
  • 8The Grobe
  • 9Pandy Fackler
  • 10Stay Forever
  • 11Falling Out
  • 12She's Your Baby