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Site Tips



 - First click on a category using either the menu on the left or icons to the right (see arrows below).




- Next, you can continue with the default layout or chose one of the others.  Below show the default layout and the icons to change it are circled.



- To see a more abbreviated & horizontal listing (easier to scroll though), select the middle icon.  You can also increase the items per page on the right side.  Below is an example.


- Lastly, if you prefer to scroll artists/titles without pictures, choose the 3rd icon.  This is best for scrolling through a lot of items.  You can even change to 1,000 or more items per page (depending on internet speed this may take a little longer to load).



Searching without any refinements can lead to the site returning many items that you aren't looking for.  To avoid this frustration, please review the tips below.


- As you can see below, simply searching "Miles Davis" returns many other items.  This is due to the other items having one of these words in their title or detailed description. PLEASE NOTICE the DEFAULT setting of "Any word".


- For the best results, we suggest selecting "All words".  This will change the search results to only items containing both words.  Notice that the results decreased from 74 items to 33.

- Selecting "Exact phrase" can be useful but is very limiting.  In the case of an artist like Miles Davis, this would eliminate most of his items since they are listed as "Davis, Miles".  Please see below.