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Record Store Day 2023

Record Store Day 2023 Banner

Both locations will open at 8:00 am on Saturday, April 22.

  • Check back at this page for any updates.  Apologies but we won't be responding to individual messages (Social Media, Chat, Text, Phone, Email, etc) regarding RSD and what titles we will have.
  • Wednesday, April 19 - List of titles available by location, qty  and price will be posted here.
  • All RSD special releases are sold on a first come, first served basis.  Nothing will be held for anyone, for any reason.  
  • There will be a line.  We have no knowledge of when people will arrive and can't provide any guidance on this. 
  • Limit 1 copy of each title/release per person on RSD (April 22nd).  No limit on number of different releases.  Example:  1 copy of every release may be purchased if you would like.
  • All remaining items will be Live on the site at 8:00 am Sunday the 23rd

   Click Here To See All Titles Ordered 

(We will not know qty's until just before RSD)

 RSD Ambassadors - Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires