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Female Species - Tale Of My Lost Love


New Vinyl Record - Female Species - Tale Of My Lost Love

Vinyl LP pressing. This is the story of two sisters who nurtured a dream for half a century and never let it die. Vicki and Ronni Gossett launched their musical career as teenagers in Whittier, California in 1966. They called themselves the Female Species. Members came and went; their base of operations moved to Las Vegas, back to LA, and over to Nashville. Along the way their sound transformed from garage rock to lounge to country-pop, the only constant being an innate mastery of hooks and harmony. These ladies had it. Tale of My Lost Love is the whole story from beginning to end of two sisters who gave everything to their dream, yet never made a single record... until now. Sometimes great music just isn't enough to break through - until it is. Numero Group is thrilled and proud, at long last, to introduce Female Species.

  • 1 Bye Bye Bye
  • 2 Tale of My Lost Love
  • 3 You Need Me
  • 4 Peace of Mind
  • 5 Baby Buggy
  • 6 Stop and Think It Over
  • 7 I'm Gonna Make It
  • 8 Explain Why
  • 9 Trying the Leaves
  • 10 Coast to Coast
  • 11 Here Comes the Night
  • 12 Till the Moon Don't Shine
  • 13 In the Moonlight
  • 14 Someone Lock Me Up
  • 15 Chinchilla Hat

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