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Wood Brothers - Paradise


New Vinyl Record - Wood Brothers - Paradise

Vinyl LP pressing. Paradise is The Wood Brothers' most rocking and collaborative collection to date. The album features a number of firsts for the band including their first recording session at Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound, the first time they've written an album collectively with all three members in the same room, and the first of the band's recordings to feature bassist Chris Wood on electric bass. As captured on "Singin' to Strangers" and the donkey gazing at the carrot on the album's cover, Paradise explores the paradox of longing, desire and the ways in which the pursuit of fulfillment can keep it perpetually out of our reach. The desire for connection is clear on the album from "Touch Of Your Hand" - a song about what Chris describes as "the most basic human need that there is"- to "Two Places" - a track about longing for home and family while on the road - to "Never And Always," which examines the fundamental emotional experiences of loneliness and belonging.

  • 1Singin to Strangers
  • 2American Heartache
  • 3Never and Always
  • 4Snake Eyes
  • 5Two Places
  • 6Heartbreak Lullaby
  • 7Without Desire
  • 8Raindrop
  • 9Touch of Your Hand
  • 10River of Sin

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