Young, Neil - Cow Palace 1986 Vol 2

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New Vinyl Record - Neil Young, Live Cow Palace 1986 Vol 2

By the time Neil Young played The Cow Palace in San Francisco on the evening of 21st November, 1986 as part of his Live in a Rusted Garage with Crazy Horse tour, he had already released 16 solo albums, three more with Buffalo Springfield and another three with Crosby, Stills Nash or members thereof. And while across this staggering body of work, amassed by the time this troubadour of troubadours had reached only his 40th year, there were highs and lows, the overall quality and influence of his work by this juncture in his career was unsurpassed in the world of contemporary music. This spectacular show was caught in all its magnificence by KLOS FM, and broadcast across the airwaves for all to witness. At well over two hours long, and boasting impeccable sound quality, Young draws from his full catalogue of work for this momentous concert.