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13th Floor Elevators - Live Evolution Lost


New Vinyl Record - 13th Floor Elevators, Live Evolution Lost

Imported 3-record set. Original 2014 pressing on 180-gram vinyl colored green, red and blue. Etched B side of 3rd disc. Trip along with the hardest rockin' psychadelic band of the 1960s. Never previously released in it's entirety, this is The 13th Floor Elevators' live concert recording from February 18, 1967, at the Houston Music Theater. Known for their feiry live shows, International Records set out to capture that moment live. The band, true to their psycadelic word, dropped acid before every show. You can ride their high though the music captured on three discs of 180-gram vinyl. Each disc is a different color: green, blue and red. The B-side of the third album features a special screen printing. The first album features live versions of their studio recordings and the other albums host jams that include the band the Conqueroos. The collection is package in a special box, and each disc has it's own slipcover decorated in trippy artwork. Extensive liner notes help to fully convey the experience.

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