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Captain Beefheart - Mirror Man



New Vinyl Record - Captain Beefheart, Mirror Man

2014 limited edition 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl pressing reissue mastered from the authorized Buddah Records tapes. For a very short time it will be packaged with the super rare psychedelic die-cut gatefold LP cover artwork not seen in decades, to further enhance your listening pleasure, plus three poems on the back cover from the pen of Don Van Vilet. Captain Beefheart will be forever known as one of the first originators of art rock, prog-rock and punk rock all rolled into one. With his Howlin' Wolfesque growl and blazing harmonica blues wailing, Don Van Vilet a/k/a/ Captain Beefheart truly delivered the goods with his legendary Mirror Man album. Originally these tracks come from an abandoned project recorded between 1965-1967 & eventually were released in 1971.

  • 1 Tarotplane
  • 2 Kandy Korn
  • 3 25th Century Quaker
  • 4 Mirror Man
SKU: 027673