Davis, Miles - First Miles

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New Vinyl Record - Miles Davis, First Miles

Vinyl LP pressing of this classic album from the Savoy label. Savoy Records specialized in Jazz, Black Gospel, Soul, R&B, and Blues music. They played an important part in popularizing the Jazz subgenre of Bebop beginning in the mid-1940s. First Miles is a compilation album by American Jazz musician Miles Davis. The album includes tracks from Davis's first recording session, backing singer Rubberlegs Williams on April 24, 1945, and the first session produced under his name, leading the members of Charlie Parker's band on August 14, 1947. Davis had already recorded several sessions by 1947 as a member of Parker's band for the Savoy and Dial labels, but whereas Parker usually recorded with no rehearsals, Davis had the group rehearse the material twice before recording. Davis wrote and arranged all four tracks, which were released as 78rpm singles under the name Miles Davis All-Stars.