Dear Hunter - Act IV Rebirth In Reprise

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New Vinyl Record - Dear Hunter, Act IV Rebirth In Reprise

Limited (1500 pieces) double 180gm colored vinyl LP pressing, includes digital download. Six years and two albums after The Dear Hunter released Act III: Life And Death, Crescenzo has returned to the narrative of the anti-hero who shares the band's name, applying all of the knowledge and experience of the last ten years to this new chapter. Picking up where the story left off - with the eponymous protagonist assuming the identity of his late brother and returning home - Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise is an album that explores the complex notions of who and what we are, and which attempts to answer it's own questions through the wanderings and wonderings of the album's protagonist. Yet as the plot and the music weave their way through these fifteen songs, it's clear that they transcend the boundaries of the Dear Hunter story. This is as much about a return in real life as it is the fictional story.