Donna The Buffalo - Dance In The Street

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New Vinyl Record - Donna The Buffalo - Dance In The Street

Donna the Buffalo joined forces with legendary producer/engineer Rob Fraboni to record their new album Dance In The Street at Sonic Ranch, right along the Mexican border, near El Paso TX. Fraboni is well known for his work with Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Joe Cocker, Bonnie Raitt, as Vice President at Island Records where he oversaw the remastering of the entire Bob Marley catalog as well as producing the soundtrack on Martin Scorsese's groundbreaking concert movie, The Last Waltz. He built and designed the legendary Shangri-La studios in Malibu to the specification of Bob Dylan and the Band and is referred to as a "genius" by Keith Richards in his bestselling autobiography Life. "We feel the album provides an enjoyable ride between the general and the personal, from both male and female perspectives," states Jeb Puryear. "My songs on this record are about letting go. Whether it be the attachment of love lost, the past, or the particular blue funk you're coming out of," Tara Nevins adds.