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Haley, Cas - All The Right People


New Vinyl Record - Cas Haley, All The Right People


The long-awaited vinyl companion to Cas' album, All The Right People. After a successful run at Red Rocks, Cas is super excited to get this vinyl to fans. In 2020, Cas won Lincoln’s “Chart Your Own Course” songwriting contest. His song "Every Road I'm On" was featured in a Lincoln car commercial that aired during the 2020 Grammy broadcast and ran nationally for 6 months.

Track Listing
1. All the Right People, 2. Blue Jeans, 3. Long Shadow, 4. Love's Been so Good, 5. Every Road I'm On, 6. Misunderstood, 7. Pour It Out, 8. Take It All Back, 9. Kellie's Song, 10. All the Right People Jam

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