Metal De Facto - Imperium Romanum

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New Vinyl Record - Metal De Facto - Imperium Romanum

METAL DE FACTO is a Finnish heavy/power metal band that was formed in 2017 by Esa Orjatsalo (Bloody Hell, ex-Dreamtale) and Sami Hinkka (Ensiferum). The line-up was soon completed with Atte Marttinen (ex-Kivimetsän Druidi), Benji Connelly (Everfrost), Mikko Salovaara (Leverage, ex-Kiuas) and Mikael Salo (Everfrost, Thy Row). The band promises to "Make Power Metal Great Again" with their powerful sound and epic concepts, ones that deal with different historical themes and their mythologies. Their first album "Imperium Romanum" will delve into ancient Rome and it's many stories and legends! One year after the international success of debut album "Imperium Romanum", Rockshots Records and Metal de Facto are now releasing the vinyl version!

  • 1 The Conqueror
  • 2 Legionnaires' Oath
  • 3 Naturalis Historia
  • 4 Inferno
  • 5 Bacchanalia
  • 6 Echoes in Eternity
  • 7 Colosseum
  • 8 Ides of March
  • 9 The Ascending of Jupiter
  • 10 Germanicus