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Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains



New Vinyl Record - Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains

Vinyl LP pressing. After a decade in the wilderness, David Berman has returned to record-making - this time around as Purple Mountains, leaving his iconic Silver Jews brand to history. Fortunately for all the fans, he's retained his iconic songwriting style, with a new batch of tunes conveying an astonishing variety of 21st-century mid-life crises. Featuring full-on technicolor production intervention from Woods' Jarvis Taveniere and Jeremy Earle, Purple Mountains debut stands tall among Berman's classic albums, with knee-slappers and eye-wipers alike - ten new tracks ready to go into suffering jukeboxes across the land.


  • 1 That's Just the Way That I Feel
  • 2 All My Happiness Is Gone
  • 3 Darkness and Cold
  • 4 Snow Is Falling in Manhattan
  • 5 Drinking Margaritas at the Mall
  • 6 She's Making Friends, I'm Turning Stranger
  • 7 I Loved Being My Mother's Son
  • 8 Nights That Won't Happen
  • 9 Storyline Fever
  • 10 Maybe I'm the Only One for Me
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