Smokey Babe - Way Back In The Country Blues

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New Vinyl Record - Smokey Babe, Way Back In The Country Blues

Today it is hard to find anyone at all who remembers Robert Brown, the powerful Mississippi-born guitar player known to a few blues fans as Smoky Babe. Born in Itta Bena, MS, Smoky was recorded by folklorist Harry Oster in Louisiana and Mississippi on some twenty occasions between February 1960 and August 1961. These recordings were previously unissued, hidden away on tapes in Oster's widow's house. This record represents what we feel is the best of those long lost performances.

  • 1 Boss Man Blues
  • 2 Backyard Boogie
  • 3 Bad Luck and Trouble
  • 4 Diggin' My Potatoes
  • 5 What's Wrong with You
  • 6 Chicago Bound
  • 7 If I Had Listened to What My Mama Say
  • 8 On Mr. Walter's Farm
  • 9 I'm Goin' Home on the Morning Train
  • 10 Way Back in the Country Blues
  • 11 Shake, Shake Mattie
  • 12 Goin' Home Blues
  • 13 Boogie Gal