Sunburned Hand Of Man - Pick A Day To Die

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New Vinyl Record - Sunburned Hand Of Man - Pick A Day To Die

Vinyl LP pressing. Pick A Day to Die is the first proper studio album from Sunburned Hand of the Man in 10 years. You would be forgiven if you had forgotten in the interim but while Sunburned is fully committed to vast, ritualistic summonings, they were perhaps uniquely capable of channeling that cosmic funk. There's a throb and a groove to the music that made it as much body music as head music. This is 'free your ass' weirdness that chugs and bounces. It makes us want to get out of our heads where we've all been trapped these past months and drive on the freeway or bop down the street. Pick A Die to Die. Sure, but definitely not today. The album marks a resurfacing of one of the great under-heralded psych outfits to roam over the past two plus decades. Join TLR in the cult of Sunburned.