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Taking Back Sunday - Tidal Wave


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New Vinyl Record - Taking Back Sunday, Tidal Wave

 Seventh album from the alt-rock band. Following 2014's top 10 debut of Happiness Is, Taking Back Sunday return with their album Tidal Wave. The name Tidal Wave is taken from the collection's first single, "Even throughout each song on the record there are a lot of references to water," vocalist Adam Lazzara explains. "That's why it seems like that title kept poking it's neck out." Material for the album was written in between tours for Happiness Is. Taking Back Sunday was formed in Long Island, New York by guitarist Eddie Reyes in 1999. The band has seen line-up changes over the years but still remain a strong and focused unit.

  • 1 Death Wolf
  • 2 Tidal Wave
  • 3 You Can't Look Back
  • 4 Fences
  • 5 All Excess
  • 6 I Felt It Too
  • 7 Call Come Running
  • 8 Holy Water
  • 9 In the Middle of It All
  • 10 We Don't Go in There
  • 11 Homecoming
  • 12 I'll Find a Way to Make It What You Want
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