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Dyer, Goodwin, Chakour -Trilbee Kings


Trilbee Kings - Self Titled

Three types of media to choose from:



USB Includes:   

- Trilbee Kings Hi Res Wav (album) 

- Trilbee Kings HI Res mp3 (album) 

- Extra 

  • Cliff Goodwin Bio, CD Front & Back Cover
  • Deric Dyer Bio, songs - America The Beautiful and Pocket Change
  • Mitch Chakour Bio
  • Trilbee Kings Cover JPEG
  • Trilbee Kings Back Cover JPEG
  • Trilbee Kings Band Bio’s
  • Trilbee Kings Band Links

           (Includes a link to an interview with  Cliff, Mitch and Deric)


 The Band

With some gray hair and decades of gigs, recording sessions,
gold & platinum records, directing theater, videos, TV, and
many world tours with “Tina Turner & Joe Cocker” the
Trilbee Kings have recorded a special new album that simply
transcends time.

Old Friends Bring New Opportunities.
Former American Standard Band sound engineer and retired
attorney, Rich Kneeland, met with Cliff Goodwin during the
Covid summer of 2020. He became even more aware of
just how devastating Covid was for Cliff, his band mates, and
all musicians. Rich decided to change the atmosphere and
suggested a trip to the historic and legendary Abbey Road
Studios in London for Cliff to record his second album.

Cliff rounded up his decades long friends and world class
bandmates, Deric Dyer, Mitch Chakour, Marty Richards, David
Hull, Wolf Ginandes and Ann Lang Nicholson.

Delayed because of Covid travel restrictions the Abbey Road
sessions are scheduled during 2022. Rich then asked Cliff’s
friends and band mates if there might be another project to
take on at the same time. Deric reached out and said, “yes I
know a tremendous singer that I would love to work with-his
name is Tim Pike”.

After hearing Tim sing, Rich agreed that a very special album
could be produced. Deric assembled the perfect songs and a
recording session was booked at another legendary studio-
Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

In January of 2022, the guys where off to L.A. Armed with
nothing more than the basics. “Marty Richards” on drums,
“Wolf Ginandes” on Fender Bass, “Cliff Goodwin” on Telecaster
and Gibson Guitars, “Mitch Chakour” on Acoustic Piano,
Wurlitzer Piano, B-3 Organ, and Clavinet, “Deric Dyer” on Tenor
Sax and a world class singer “Tim Pike”, along with eight timeless
songs, the Trilbee Kings have created an album
for true music lovers.

With three never released tunes and five classic reinterpreted
covers. The Trilbee Kings weave a musical tapestry of
musicianship and song directly to the heart and the soul.
Time to sit back, listen and enjoy the ride.

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