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Williams, Lucinda - Happy Woman Blues


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Used Vinyl Record - Williams, Lucinda - Happy Woman Blues

Happy Woman Blues - Lucinda Williams, whose musical style defies easy categorization, recorded her first album of original songs in 1980, supported by a six-member band. Her songs are a mix of traditional and alternative country, folk, and blues that reflect her Louisiana roots. The Village Voice music critic Robert Christgau gave Happy Woman Blues an "A-" and described Williams as a "guileless throwback to the days of the acoustic blues mamas" who "means what she says and says what she means." The vinyl reissue of Happy Woman Blues, which includes a liner notes booklet with the song lyrics, is part of the Smithsonian Folkways Vinyl Reissue Series, revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums in our collection.

  • - Side 1 -
  • 1Lafayette
  • 2I Lost It
  • 3Maria
  • 4Happy Woman Blues
  • 5King of Hearts
  • - Side 2 -
  • 1Rolling Along
  • 2One Night Stand
  • 3Howlin' at Midnight
  • 4Hard Road
  • 5Louisiana Man
  • 6Sharp Cutting Wings (Song to a Poet)
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