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Wolfe, Chelsea - Unknown Rooms


New Vinyl Record - Chelsea Wolfe, Unknown Rooms

2012 vinyl LP repressing. Her earlier album, Apokalypsis, put Chelsea Wolfe on the map. Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs is an interestingly different sequel. Wolfe teams up with her Apokalypsis buddies to render this album has doomy as that one was, but this time the focus is stronger on her voice than on the instruments. There are symbiotic guitars and endearing violins. The lyrics still tend to Wolfe's usual subjects: death, love, loneliness, fear-but there's a different spin on them this time. There's innocence, there's intensity, there's the surreal, there's the serene. There's the dark just as much as there is the dramatic. This is a gorgeous, haunting album, and a considerable feat for Wolfe, who's proven herself the queen of the darkness. 9 tracks. Sargent House.

  • 1 Flatlands
  • 2 The Way We Used to
  • 3 Spinning Centers
  • 4 Appalachia
  • 5 I Died with You
  • 6 Boyfriend
  • 7 Our Work Was Good
  • 8 Hyper Oz
  • 9 Sunstorm

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